Our Total Design Process

free discovery call.

I want to hear your brand's story and get to know you a bit! I'll answer any questions & we'll decide on a package that's best for your budget & needs. 

contract signed, deposit paid, &

pay as you wait.

if you've opted for a payment plan, you can pay in monthly installments as you wait for your project start date.

Your project start date arrives

Now it's time for me to hear your vision for your project! We'll talk aesthetic, organization, and how to attract your ideal audience. 

& it's time for our creative meeting!

today, fam!!

within 2 weeks

you've got a spot on the waitlist!

while on the waitlist

in 3-5 months

first thing's first - branding.

in the first few weeks of your project, we'll solidify your style! We'll take our inspiration and come up with colors, fonts, art elements, and logos that fit you perfectly!

weeks 1-3
of your project

then for the heavy lifting - time

I'll take our content, our inspiration, and our aesthetic and mix it all up to create a website you adore! As I work, I'll share regular page previews so that you can give me your valuable input!

to bring your website to life!

weeks 3-6
of your project

Time to finalize & train.

We'll proof the site for any final adjustments, add any last minute content, and you'll receive a one on one training call on how to maintain your site moving forward!

week 7
of your project

launch day

ready to get started?!

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