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Chris Ewing

she / her. designer. wife. pet mom. 

(& a big fan of donuts)

I’m a spunky Jacksonville local who wears a lot of hats in life (both literally and metaphorically). I am a wife, a dog mom, a website and brand designer, a small business owner, and a follower of Jesus. I’ve lived an interesting life but, if there is one thing I can say with certainty, it’s...

“thus far the Lord has helped me”

(1 Samuel 7:12)

I can’t talk about my life without mentioning some of the main characters - Connor, Indy, & Uno. Con is one of the biggest gifts God has ever given me. We have been married since 2017 and we’re the proud parents of Indy, our miniature dachshund, and Uno, our kitten. They are (unofficially) the cutest pets in the universe. Con is absolutely my best friend, and, Ivory & Green would never exist without his constant support. 



meet the fam...

chris   con


(ain't they cute?!)

how did Ivory & Green come about?

In 2020, after years of experience in creative design and online marketing, "Ivory & Green" went from the name of my lifestyle blog to the name of my official business. I always joke that Ivory & Green was started by accident. I started by just helping a few friends with their websites and before I knew it I had a full time job!
I stepped out in faith to start this brand and God grew it in a way I could have never imagined! He has given me a continuous waitlist of phenomenal clients and a portfolio of projects that have brought me immense joy to complete! Ivory & Green is more than just my business - it’s my passion! 

ivory & green means so much to me because it's mission is more than just to create beautiful brands & websites,

it's to empower small business owners!

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