William Nolan, Client Relations Director


Chris Ewing

February 7, 2023

Meet Our Client Relations Director, William

I’ve been preparing for this role my whole life. I’m only joking… partially. I am the kid brother to Ivory & Green’s Owner, Chris Ewing. That makes her both my big sister and my boss. My bias is inevitable, but I think she’s the best big sister and the best boss in the whole wide world. (This better get me employee of the month for the next 2 months at least). (Get lost, Shae).

Hi! I’m William! I am your resident Client Relations Director here at Ivory & Green Creative House. 

A focal point of my career has been developing my skills as a listener, a communicator, and a conversationalist. I’m passionate about creating space for people to feel clearly seen, heard, known, and genuinely supported. I’ve crisscrossed the country and spent much of the last decade serving in roles centered on relationships. At Ivory & Green, I have found a place where my mind and heart are valued equally with my talents and skills. I’m in a role that leverages and further develops my strengths, and I’m working with people who deeply care about me. I recognize how special that is, and I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of Ivory & Green.

When I am not working…

You can often find me resting at home with my wife, Taylor. We have a cozy little apartment here in Franklin, TN (only a few steps away from my sister’s place). Our ideal evening at home normally involves a log in the fireplace, the sliding glass door cracked open, a record spinning softly in the dining room, and maybe a bottle of wine. 

I’m working on getting better at putting things simply. I easily get lost shuffling through the cerebral shelves of my vocabulary. In summary, I’m glad to be doing daily the things that I enjoy alongside the people I love. What great happiness to be able to call this my work life.

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