Kyle Tyndall Total Brand Design


Chris Ewing

February 22, 2023

Case Study: Kyle Tyndall Films Total Brand Design

10 years ago, a computer technician was asked to film a wedding for a friend. A surprising request that sparked a new-found passion for being behind the camera. 

Who’s the former computer technician behind the glass? Kyle Tyndall — a North Carolina Native, Husband, Father, and Fully Certified Sci-Fi Nerd. Kyle stumbled into the world of videography and found his dream: crafting timeless and cinematic films that tell captivating love stories. 

In 2022, Kyle found himself 5 years into running a successful business – but lacking a brand that clearly reflected the quality of his work. With hopes of elevating his brand and booking high ticket clients, Kyle made the decision to invest in a re-brand. This is where Kyle crossed paths online with Ivory & Green Creative House.

The Total Brand Design Process

After getting to know Kyle, his love for being behind the camera and crafting cinematic films was evident. We found that Kyle was a storyteller who has spent the last decade fine-tuning his sophisticated style and skills. His work clearly reflected his devotion to capturing the emotion-filled moments of one’s Big Day so that they can experience it over and over again. Therefore, we understood that we had to build a brand that illustrated Kyle’s work in all of its excellence, grandeur, and sophistication.

The Strategy & Style

Straightaway, we knew every layer of Kyle’s brand needed to emphasize his luxurious, striking, and sophisticated storytelling. Our foundation for accomplishing this was through intentionally written copy and a thoughtfully chosen typeface and color palette. Every element came together to evoke a strong, exciting, and luxurious feeling.

Likewise, the home page of Kyle’s website puts his incredible work clearly on display — from edge to edge. At the center, Kyle’s meaningful mantra is anchoring the page:


Carefully woven into each piece of copy is compelling storytelling, reflecting with words what Kyle masterfully conveys through visuals. The tone of voice is confident, comforting, polished, and professional. 

Lastly, our design experts showcased Kyle’s work all throughout his website, intentionally including meaningful testimonials and stories from Kyle’s clients.

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In Closing

After a few thoughtful revisions, Kyle was ready for the launch of his new brand. The quality of his business was now clearly illustrated in every detail of his brand. Within a matter of weeks, Kyle was booking the high ticket clients he was hoping for. That’s our bread and butter. Helping creatives reach their full potential and positioning them for a successful future. To Kyle, thank you for trusting us with your project. We’re honored to have played a part in this meaningful chapter of your business. 

Here’s what Kyle had to say about our Total Brand Design project:

“I chose Ivory and Green out of several designers. My decision came down to the quality of work and their personality. I enjoyed our conversations leading up to the booking and never felt pressured to decide. My favorite part about working with Ivory and Green was the transparency of the whole process. They kept me up to date the entire time. I never had to send a follow-up email or text to get the status of my project.

My goals were achieved almost instantly. My goals were to book high-ticket clients. I booked three higher-ticket clients within the first sixty days of them completing my project. That never happened before now. So grateful for their team in making my vision and website come to life.”

Allow us to bring your vision to life next!

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